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    1937 Mormon Meteor III

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  4. Camp vibes

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    New engine for Reggie Fountain’s race boat - Dustin Whipple horsepower, Mark Boos did the super tune and build. * All other details are classified - this is for competition racing * 

  7. they rode him out of town on a rail | felton, ca by (elmofoto)

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    Garrett McNamara surfing a 100ft wave at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal

    Photo: Tó Mané

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    Got a good start yesterday on this Toyota 25.1 chassis build, still more to do. But I’ve got about 16 hrs at this point. #tbcworks #25.1chassis #builtnotbought #weldporn #fabporn #racecar #dragcar #rotaryturbo #iweldshit #toyota #handbuilt (at TBC Hot Rods & Bikes)

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    Ἀντικύθηρα mechanism (astronomical calculator), Greece, dated to the 1st Century BC.


  14. The Doors “Been Down So Long (Alternate Version)”:

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